pixelartspeech1is simply a collection of video games that use unique artistic styles in creative ways, either as a tool for marketing to differentiate itself from similar products (for example by using Machinima), to convey a certain style of game play, or even as a clever way to twist the limitations of hardware to the developers advantage.

Using a unique style can allow developers to put less focus on traditional advertising by simply using the product to sell itself. You see someone else playing it, you see a screenshot or a banner ad and the most effective way for it to distinguish itself is for it to use it’s art style with the benefit of becoming an advertising tool in its own right.

Wherever possible we’ll go into detail as to the hows and whys of the usage and inspiration of each particular style along with providing examples of each. We’ll also be updating the site with any appropriate games as they come to our attention.



~ by decoysanchez on April 8, 2009.

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